With assistance from our charity partner headspace, we will be holding two Seminars ‘Support Systems’ –presented by Dylan Howells & Nicole Thomas and ‘Identity & Alter egos’- presented by Ben Payne

Support Systems

Magneticon- Support Systems
Nicole Thomas

Superheros inspire us with their courage and resilience but the most impressive ability a superhero has is the ability to know when trouble is more than one person can handle, and they need to call on their crew and work as a team. It’s true that Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye are super awesome individually, but are truly impressive when they come together as the Avengers. The element that makes the Avengers such an effective evil fighting team is that they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Like the Avengers the team around you will set you up to deal with obstacles effectively and just like the Avengers, your greatest success is when you can recognise when you need help and call on your back up.

Identity & Alter egos

Magneticon-“Identity and Alter egos” discovering inner strengths and super powers= overcoming adversity.
Ben Payne

(Bruce Wayne-Batman, Spiderman-Peter Parker and Tony Stark-Ironman)

Spiderman, Batman and Ironman are just a few well known super heroes who at time struggle with their identity and alter egos; some might say that they even get in the way.

Spiderman is the extremely mild mannered Peter Parker by day whom very few will ever be privy to his real identity or his super powers and is on a quest to help society whilst wrestling with his double life.

Batman the multi billionaire Bruce Wayne of Gotham City leads a very torn but privileged life with good intentions but often gets misrepresented & put in battles of conflict with himself and those closest to him.

Iron Man as Tony Stark the head of Stark Industries is one of a growing band of modern day super heroes who openly declares his identity for all to know but whose many issues comes in the form of the egotistical super hero Ironman.

The way we see ourselves; identity and alter egos often assists or detracts from the person we are or the person we want to be, an understanding and acceptance is important for all of us. An acceptance of who we are can often lead to increased self-esteem which is necessary for overcoming the many adversities in our lives.